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I'm currently working on a second book. It will be out within a couple of years. My last book 'Six Feet of Felt'  took a lifetime to write but my next is faster. I think it's best  to publish to ebook. My next book is a science fiction written for  screen rather than an emphasis on performing arts. It is a new direction for me and I have only just scratched the surface. I've enjoyed writing for live performance. But I think this avenue has dried up. Due to emotions within myself being placated by public expectation.


I am an orphan with no family. I have lived and travelled all over Australia. I realised I had talent at story telling in high school. After an accident I took up writing as a way of preparing for retirement. Although sitting down looks like retirement it is a stereotype. I am in fact working. I moved around from backpackers to share houses sleeping rough and boarding houses while writing my first book. I am now iving in Canterbury Lakemba. I would recommend visiting my pictures section of facebook and google. It will help you to decide if you wish to purchace my book.